Electronic books - In  electronic  library there are books  on radio electronics, circuitry, sound reproduction, radio communications, etc., and also directories on  radio components, the help data on marks, parameters and analogues of domestic and import radio components

Household electronics - circuits and advice on manufacturing various devices for application in a life Are resulted.

Semi-conductor diodes - The directory on semi-conductor rectifiers, to high-frequency and pulse diodes, on stabilitrons, rectifiers, to bridges and blocks. Color marks, outline drawings and symbols of parameters are resulted

  Bipolar transistors   the Directory on transistors small, average and high-power, symbols of parameters of transistors, outline drawings.

Microcircuits ТТЛ  and КМОП  the Directory on studying and application of microcircuits of series ТТЛ К155, К555, КР531, КР1533, series КМОП К176, К561, КР1554, КР1561,564. The general principles of functioning combinational, sequential the microcircuits expecting are described
multivibrators and generators, circuits of connection of microcircuits, fragments of basic circuits of digital devices are resulted.

Automobile electronics- the  section contains the detailed description and circuits various cистем ignitions.  Regulators of a voltage, devices of the control of an onboard network злектронику for separate blocks of the automobile and practical circuits of security devices of industrial and amateur manufacturing for the automobile.